2019 Fashion Trend For Men

2019 Fashion Trend For Men


In recent years, men’s fashion has become increasingly exciting and progressive. Many new trends are introduced every year, and most of them will be considered out of date within a year or two. Therefore, if you want to maintain a favorite image, it’s essential that you find out about the top fashion trends for men 2019. 

In addition to that, a lot is going on this year, including a new emphasis on color and especially, those citrus greens, reds, oranges, and yellows that invite comfortable living.


2019 fashion trend for men are as follows:


Fashion Trend 2019



Denim might be a timeless MVP, but according to searches for velvet are up 507%. That’s a ton, so it should come as no surprise at all that tons of your go-to retailers have stocked up on corduroy clothes this season. Therefore, corduroy is the pinch hitter any winter wardrobe needs this year. 

Cropped Trousers

In 2018, cropped trousers permeated the women’s fashion zeitgeist, and according to searches, they are heading straight for men’s fashion in 2019. It’s noted in Pinterest that cropped trousers are up to 671% meaning it’s time for guys to show a little skin. 

Neck Scarves

Neck scarves are a truly understandable way to stay warm and look incredible. The trend is gender-neutral. In many search engine sites, neck scarves are up to 29%. So encourage your buddy of choice to stock up, start experimenting and of course stay crazy.

Loose Fit Jeans

This year runways saw a resurgence of dad jeans for men. Body-hugging skinny jeans are thrown to the wayside to make room for a relaxed fit.

This trend echoes designers’ current affection for the styles of the 1800s. Wear these loose fit jeans with a pair of designer sneakers to complete the look with the latest fashion trends for men 2019.  


According to researches, fashion designers have been trying to make handbags for men in the past, but we think they may be on the verge of finally becoming mainstream. The practical benefits of carrying a bag are now matched by the sleek style of these designer bags. Whether a crossbody, clutch, or a belt bag, you can finally get that giant phone out of your back pocket! This is one of those most practical fashion trends for the men fold 2019. 

Plaid Pants

Plaid pants are 2019’s favorite way to add a little statement-making edge to any wardrobe. According to Pinterest, this fashion is up 267% so if you thought this trend would have little clout, guess again. Plaid pants can skew as edgy-or subtle as you want them to. This is so you guys will have a wide range of options to choose. 

Spring Coats

The unpredictable weather of early spring calls for a fashionable jacket. According to researches, many designers are offering stylish jackets that will protect you from a sudden spring storm. Fashion trends for men for this can be as practical as they are functional.  

Double Breasted Coats And Boxy Swept

Double-breasted coats and boxy swept are the runway fashion for men 2019. If you’re trying to figure out what to wear to work, look no further than these double-breasted coats. Go for it over your trim jacket- and pair it with one of those thick neckties. You will look great all buttoned up.  


More and more fashion items are becoming tools to make statements. Whether you choose an overt free America t-shirt or one of the casual stars-and-stripes designs permeating men’s fashion this year, you can show off your beliefs in style.

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